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Karate for Kids

Karate for Kids teaches children as young as seven the basics of self-defense, along with so much more! Your child will learn respect, determination, dedication, and confidence—qualities that will help him or her to achieve success in all areas of life. Students will be introduced to kicking, punching, and blocking while learning the appropriate use for those skills. At Buckingham’s ATA Black Belt Academy and Karate for Kids, our focus is protection—not fighting.

This course is great for beginners! Our instructors will work with your child individually to ensure he or she can gain the skills and confidence needed to progress. Your child will have fun making new friends while learning important life skills.

Through an organized belt ranking system, you child will learn goal-setting and accomplishment as he or she strives for the next level. Time and time again we have seen these skills transfer to the classroom and beyond. We love that this program can help your child achieve more at school and at home.

Classes are 45 minutes long and we recommend attending twice per week. If you’re ready to get your child started on the right track, or if you have any questions, feel free to give us a call.

Ask about the following programs and how each are incorporated into your class or can be added to your training.

  • Self-Defense

    All martial arts courses are designed to improve self-defense skills and physical fitness. Learn more about how Buckingham’s ATA Black Belt Academy can help you achieve your goals.

    This program focuses on real-word scenarios and practical applications to help you make the most of your martial arts training. Learn self-defense techniques that will teach you to defend yourself against even the largest opponent. Improve your agility and reaction time. Incorporate weapons into your training to maximize hand-eye coordination and increase upper-body strength.

  • Fitness

    All martial arts courses are designed to improve self-defense skills and physical fitness. Learn more about how Buckingham’s ATA Black Belt Academy can help you achieve your goals.

    Fitness is much more than an attractive physique. Buckingham’s ATA Black Belt Academy and Karate for Kids focuses on the health and quality of life benefits physical fitness integrates into your life. Martial arts is a great tool to improve your fitness, stamina, and agility. Increase your speed, flexibility, power, and endurance through exceptional training. Come as you are! The program is designed to meet you at your level and ability. Achieve a healthy body and mind.

  • Black Belt Club

    Be part of an elite, driven group with Buckingham’s ATA Black Belt Academy and Karate for Kids Black Belt Club. Students will have the opportunity to achieve greatness through personalized training and enhanced dedication. They will learn goal-setting skills, such as focus and determination, as they journey toward the prized status of Black Belt.

  • Tournaments

    Competition provides an excellent opportunity for students to test and display their skills. As in most areas of life, it’s not about beating the opponent; it’s about bringing out the best in yourself. Tournaments are designed to provide safety and fun for students while they proudly exhibit their training in a controlled environment. Students learn to overcome anxiety in an atmosphere that encourages and celebrates their individuality, abilities, and dedication.


  • Early Tigers

    All Pre-K Tigers

    Monday and Wednesday @ 4:00 PM

    Tuesday and Thursday @ 5:30 PM

  • Basic Tigers

    All K and 1st Grade Tigers

    Monday and Wednesday @ 4:30 PM

    Tuesday and Thursday @ 6:00 PM

  • Introduction to Taekwondo

    All New Karate for Kids and Adults

    Monday and Wednesday @ 5:00 PM

    Tuesday and Thursday @ 6:30 PM

  • Beginning Taekwondo

    Orange and Yellow Belts

    Monday and Wednesday @ 5:45 PM

    Tuesday and Thursday @ 7:15 PM

  • Intermediate Taekwondo

    Camo, Green and Purple Belts

    Monday and Wednesday starting @ 6:30 PM

    Tuesday and Thursday starting @ 4:45 PM

  • Advanced Taekwondo

    Blue, Brown, Red and Black Belts

    Monday and Wednesday @ 7:15 PM

    Tuesday and Thursday @ 4:00 PM

5 stars

We are so happy to be at this school! My son was the quiet kid nobody hung out with and was teased at school. He has been coming to class for almost a year and he has come out of his shell, attends school functions, made so many friends and has more self confidence than I have seen in a long time. Mr and Mrs Buckingham care for these kids' health and safety. My son had to miss class due to health and injury reasons; we received calls checking on him and had a very warm welcome when he returned. Mrs Buckingham makes class fun and keeps it interesting. I would recommend anyone looking for a Tae Kwon Do class to come check out this school!

Shelly O.


  • Tigers

    The ATA Tigers program is designed to teach children as young as four the basic skills associated with martial arts.

    Learn More

  • K for K

    Karate for Kids teaches children the basics of self-defense, respect, determination, dedication, and confidence.

    Learn More

  • Teens & Adults

    The Teen & Adult program is just the trick if you’re looking to get fit, learn self-defense, or challenge yourself.

    Learn More