(4-6) The ATA Tigers program is designed to teach children as young as four the basic skills associated with martial arts.

K for K

(7-12) Karate for Kids teaches children as young as seven the basics of self-defense, along with so much more!

Teen & Adult

(13+) The Teen & Adult program is just the trick if you’re looking to get fit, learn self-defense, or challenge yourself.

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  • Monday and Wednesday 3:30PM
  • Tuesday and Thursday 5:00PM

  • Monday and Wednesday 4:30PM
  • Tuesday and Thursday 6:00PM

  • Monday and Wednesday starting 5:15PM
  • Monday and Wednesday starting 4:00PM **Tigers Sparring Level**
  • Tuesday and Thursday 3:30PM

  • Monday and Wednesday at 6:00PM
  • Tuesday and Thursday at 4:15PM

  • Monday and Wednesday at 6:45PM

  • Tuesday and Thursday at 6:45PM


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  • Community Service Projects
    In March, my staff and I had the pleasure of giving back to the community with an Anti-Bullying Seminar at Valley View Elementary. If you are interested in having us working in conjunction with your school, or group on an Anti-Bullying Seminar, please email missrachel@karateforkids.biz or call (605) 343-7305. We would be happy to consider…
  • Important Dates
    Proposed Testing Cycle for 2015
  • Holiday Closures
    Here is a list of our holiday Closures:
  • Winter Weather Closures
    When the weather gets bad enough to close the local schools, Karate for Kids will usually be closed.  Feel free to call, and if someone is there, we will answer.


5955 Mt Rushmore Rd, Suite D
Rapid City, SD 57701

Tel: (605) 343-7305

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